Nila Sutrisna


Information technology plays an important role, both in the present and in the future. In the
current era of globalization, the highly developed technology is internet technology. The
development of the internet in Indonesia is very rapidly. However, these developments turned out
to also have a negative impact. One of the misuse of the internet is the libel that someone does
against the other party Things or circumstances communicated or published through the internet
can be said to be defamatory or defamatory if things or circumstances that are not true for the
victim, whether it is damaging the reputation or that bring material losses for the victims.
Publication or communication about the other person may be defamatory or defamatory, whether
done with explicit words or writings or with a hidden form but containing connotations damage
the reputation of a person or a Company. The Government of Indonesia has established and
enacted legal rules governing Information and Electronic Transactions in a form of legislation,
namely Law no. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions, as a form of providing
legal protection for victims in criminal defamation. This study aims to examine and know about
the form of criminal defamation through the internet media viewed from the perspective of law
and to know the regulatory system against criminal defamation through the internet media in
terms of legal aspects. This study uses the normative juridical method, which is the approach
done by examining the legislation relevant to the problem under study or looking from the
normative legal aspects. Technique of data collection is done by Research of Library (Library
Research), that is by studying book and literature relevant with writing.
Keywords: juridical review, defamation, internet media.

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