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Framing analysis is the latest version of the discourse analysis approach, especially for analyzing
media texts. Framing analysis as a method of media content analysis, classified as a new version.
It evolved in unison with the views of the constructors. This paradigm has its own position and
outlook towards the media. News in the view of social construction, is not an event or fact in a
real sense. Here reality is not just simply taken for granted as news. It is a product of interaction
between journalists and facts. In the process of internalization of journalists hit by reality. Reality
is observed by journalists and absorbed in the consciousness of journalists. In the process of
externalization, journalists throw themselves into meaningful reality. Conceptions of facts are
expressed to see reality. The result of the news is the product of the process of interaction and
dialectics. There are two aspects to framing that, First; pick facts, second; write down facts.
Keywords: Framing Analysis, Newspaper Frame, Impact of News

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