M Irfan, Syurkarni Ali, Zulfan Zulfan, Khairil Ansar


The growth of oil palm plantation until 2017 was 234 479. Ha, with a production productivity rate of 437 292 tons. (BPS 2017) The development of oil palm plantations has been developed in several regions in Indonesia and has become a leading plantation featured. Caused  by economic value. The development of oil palm plantations is also supported by various palm oil derivative products that have many benefits. One of the factors that need to be considered in the progress of the company is the problem of productivity. The smooth production process is strongly influenced by the reliability and availability of the machines. PT. Ujong Neubok Dalam (UND) is a company engaged in oil palm plantations and oil palm processing with a capacity of 30 tons/hour. Processing of palm oil into CPO (Crude Palm Oil) has several stations including a Loading ramp, Sterilizer, Thresher, Screw Press, clarification, and Kernel. The ripple mill machine is a palm kernel processing machine located in the kernel unit and prone to damage, wherein the ripple mill machine, the seeds enter between the rotor and the ripple plate are pressed so that they collide with each other and break the shell of the core. So that the core is separated from the shell. This study aims to analyze the performance of the ripple mill machine. The results of the analysis obtained an average efficiency level of 85.5%, with a sample of data collection as much as 4 times sampling and variations in the time of taking an interval of about 2 hours in 1 (one) day of production

Keywords: Oil Palm, Ujong Neubok Dalam, Ripple Mill

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