Analisa Keausan Komponen Track Roller Pada Sistem Undercarriage Bulldozer Komatsu D85ESS-2 Di PT.Wirataco Mitra Mulia

Reza Fazlyansyah, Zakir Husin, Teuku Farizal


The undercarriage system is a system located at the bottom of the bulldozer that works as a driving tool from one place to another, in the undercarriage system there are several components, one of which is a track roller, a track roller in the form of a wheel that is under the track link. Wear on the track rollers often occurs due to friction between the track rollers and the track link due to the loss of the surface of the material or also because the terrain is too extreme. This research was conducted to find out the level and duration of component wear on the Komatsu D85ESS-2 bulldozer unit at PT. Wirataco Mitra Mulia with primary and secondary research methods conducted from December 2021 - January 2022. The results of the first measurement within 160 hours have a wear rate of 7.5%, the second measurement for 320 hours has a wear rate of 13.75% and the third measurement for 480 hours of wear reached 28.75%. For the track roller, the result is 2868 hours with 100% wear, so the remaining life on the Komatsu D85ESS-2 bulldozer track roller is 2388 hours.  

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