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Journal of Nutrition Science (JNS) is an open-access journal published by the Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Teuku Umar. This journal exists to disseminate the importance of scientific publications in supporting the development of and in offering solutions related to nutritional issues. JNS welcomes research articles and conceptual studies that discuss all aspects of science related to Human Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Nutrition, Food Science, and Food Technology. JNS published two editions annually, May and November. Manuscripts submitted to JNS will undergone a blind peer-review process.

e-ISSN: 2723-2875

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Journal Nutrition Science published by Nutrition Department Universitas Teuku Umar has been accredited by the Science and Technology Index Rank 4 (Sinta-4)

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Vol 4, No 1 (2023): May, 2023

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1-5   |   PDF
Andi Yuniarsy Hartika, Gusni Fitri, Armina Armina
10.35308/jns.v4i1.6960   |   Abstract views: 31 times
6-11   |   PDF
Fikri Faidul Jihad, Darmawan Darmawan, Enda Silvia Putri, Maiza Duana, Hanif Muchdatul Ayunda, Muhibbul Subhi
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7339   |   Abstract views: 33 times
12-16   |   PDF
Rizki Dwi Setiawan, Fransiska Rungkat Zakaria, Azis Boing Sitanggang, Hanif Muchdatul Ayunda
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7489   |   Abstract views: 28 times
17-21   |   PDF
Indri Juliyarsi, Sri Melia, Rizki Dwi Setiawan, Sugeng Pangestu
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7490   |   Abstract views: 44 times
22-25   |   PDF
Laila Apriani Hasanah Harahap, Siti Maisyaroh Fitri Siregar, Itza Mulyani, Suci Eka Putri, Adelina Irmayani Lubis, Meutia Faradhiba, Nasrianti Syam
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7499   |   Abstract views: 33 times
26-35   |   PDF
Feronyanti Mitranistin Pello, Donn Richard Ricky
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7553   |   Abstract views: 46 times
36-38   |   PDF
Teuku Muliadi, Marniati Marniati, Cukri Rahma, Sufyan Anwar, Fikri Faidul Jihad, Laila Apriani Hasanah Harahap, Hanif Muchdatul Ayunda
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7401   |   Abstract views: 12 times
39-45   |   PDF
Jusriana Jusriana, Darmawan Darmawan, Maiza Duana, Sufyan Anwar
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7241   |   Abstract views: 10 times
46-51   |   PDF
Siti Widiati, Tatang Sutisna, Aulia Ikhsan, Suherman Suherman
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7647   |   Abstract views: 73 times
52-55   |   PDF
Devita Annisa, Ichsan Affan, Aripin Ahmad, Teuku Muliadi, Eva Fitriyaningsih, Amelia Puteri Nur Azizah, Syuja Rafiqi Arifin
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7182   |   Abstract views: 5 times
Ihsan Murdani, S.KM, M.Kes, Sufyan Anwar, Fikri Faidul Jihad, Maiza Duana, Muhibbul Subhi
10.35308/jns.v4i1.7472   |   Abstract views: 16 times