J-Kesmas: Jurnal Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat (The Indonesian Journal of Public Health)

J-Kesmas: Jurnal Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat (The Indonesian Journal of Public Health) is a biannual scientific journal focused on issues related to public health, such as (but not limited to) health services and policy, environment and sanitation, social environment and behavior, epidemiology and biostatistics, public health practices, occupational health, child and maternity, and nutrition. Multidisciplinary research related to public health and medicine is also welcome. Articles based on research, literature review, position papers, or commentary papers are welcome to be published either in April or October. J-Kesmas was first published in 2015 in a printed version registered with an ISSN. To support the dissemination of knowledge, J-Kesmas is available online (open access) since 2019.

Starting August 2020, J-Kesmas: Jurnal Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat (The Indonesian Journal of Public Health) has been accredited Sinta 4 by the Minister of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency, The Republic of Indonesia.

p-ISSN 2355-0643
e-ISSN 2355-0988

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New Template Journal

Starting March 2021, J-Kesmas will be published in a new template. Please make sure you follow the guideline of the template before submitting your masnucript. To download the new template, please click HERE  
Posted: 2021-03-24

J-Kesmas is Now Accredited as Sinta 4

J-Kesmas: Jurnal Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat (The Indonesia Journal of Public Health) is now accredited as Sinta 4 since August 2020.  
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New Cover Page

In order to help our readers and authors to cite us, starting April 2019 J-Kesmas is published in a new cover page which mentions its identity with more details. However, our old cover page is still accessible in PDII LIPI official portal. Please click HERE for access to the old cover page.  
Posted: 2019-12-14
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Vol 9, No 2 (2022): October 2022

Table of Contents


1-7   |   PDF
Almira Aurellia, Dani Nasirul Haqi
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5567   |   Abstract views: 55 times
8-12   |   PDF
Muhammad Amin, Dianita Ekawati, Yusnilasari .
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5694   |   Abstract views: 38 times
13-17   |   PDF
Fani Septria Sari, Maiza Duana
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.4752   |   Abstract views: 46 times
18-25   |   PDF
Anisah Novita, Marniati Marniati, Arfah Husna, Iskandar Iskandar, Rudi Hendro Putranto, Enda Silvia Putri, Sufyan Anwar
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5982   |   Abstract views: 143 times
26-33   |   PDF
Moch. Afrizal Ansori, Irwanto Irwanto, Samsriyaningsih Handayani
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5731   |   Abstract views: 34 times
34-39   |   PDF
Muhammad Farhan, Ardesy Melizah Kurniati, Iche Andriyani Liberty, Syarif Husin, Hertanti Indah Lestari
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.4504   |   Abstract views: 57 times
40-44   |   PDF
Nurhayati Nurhayati, Dian Fera, Dian Fera, Marniati Marniati, Teungku Nih Farisni, Danvil Nabela
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5044   |   Abstract views: 28 times
45-49   |   PDF
Silvia Devi, Sufyan Anwar
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5999   |   Abstract views: 35 times
50-55   |   PDF
Siti Maisyaroh Fitri Siregar, Adelina Irmayani Lubis
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.6101   |   Abstract views: 37 times
56-62   |   PDF
Dwi Nur Siti Marchamah, Agus Sudrajat, Dena Nur Rahmatika
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.6028   |   Abstract views: 70 times
63-67   |   PDF
Suci Annisa, Arfah Husna
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5317   |   Abstract views: 17 times
68-71   |   PDF
Irwan Saputra, T.M. Rafsanjani, Humaira Humaira
10.35308/j-kesmas.v9i2.5607   |   Abstract views: 19 times